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Hi các bạn,

Chủ đề mới và lạ trong IELTS speaking quý 4, 2021 là smiling. Mình thấy đề tài này hơi hóc búa nên làm video để hướng dẫn các bạn trả lời một số câu hỏi mà các bạn có thể gặp. Tiêu chí chung cho câu trả lời của mình vẫn là tập trung vô phát âm, ngữ điệu, và độ trôi chảy. Về phần ý tứ, từ vựng, ngữ pháp không cần quá màu mè.



I guess so. I think smiling is a sign of friendliness and it certainly makes it easier for people to approach you. I mean just imagine if you are traveling or trying to adapt to a new environment, smiling is a great way to send that positive vibe so you can make friends and establish relationships easier, I think.


I suppose it really depends on a particular situation. Sometimes people smile at acquaintances or friends as a way of greetings and it can be used as an opening of a conversation or small talk. Other times, people smile at strangers to show some hospitality. People in America smile much more often than in other countries. Let’s say in Australia or European countries. One theory for that is because America is such a melting pot with people living here from all over the world and sometimes different ethnic groups just don’t speak English as well so smiling helps to bridge that language gap somehow. 

Yeah, I often smile in photos I think. Especially in a group setting. Everybody smiles and it just makes the photo looks good, but if you take photos by yourself or you know in nature, it’s kinda nice sometimes to have candid photos as well. 


I believe so but I’m not against it actually. Sometimes, people are just tired but they still want to make that effort to be friendly or they hear a not- so-funny joke and they don’t want to be rude or discourage the other person that they talk to so they fake mine, so I believe the intention behind fake smiling isn’t a bad thing necessarily. That’s why I’m not really opposed to it in any way. 


a sign of friendliness: dấu hiệu của sự thân thiện 

approach: tiến đến, làm quen 

positive vibe: cảm giác tích cực 

hospitality: sự hiếu khách 

melting pot: nồi lẩu/ ở đây chỉ sự đa dạng văn hoá và sắc tộc 

bridge that language gap: rút ngắn khoản cách ngôn ngữ 

candid photos: hình chụp tự nhiên không pose. 

To be opposed to something: chống lại, phản đối 1 điều gì đó 

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